Life beyond the Cat Door

I hear you ask what happened to Lugosi, Spider & Ruby?  Well, they are right here, chillin´, sleepin´, eatin´, taking it easy, but they haven´t granted me any kitty photo sessions recently.  So you´ll have to make do with Janelle & Friends (feat. grey & white beauty Squeaky and rough old feral tabby Tommy), I´m afraid! 😉


Last Morning of Cat Sitting

I´m gonna miss you all!  But not to worry, I´ll visit every now and then…..

Butt Shot: Squeaky and Janelle

Gorgeous Janelle

Janelly getting herself covered in planty bits!

What a perfect tail, Squeaky! :)

Squeaky and Janelle

Janelle, Blacky, Squeaky and Tommy (the fat tabby on the right).  Tommy doesn´t really belong there, but appears to have “moved in”…

Squeaky, with Blacky in the background

Janelle´s huge fluffy pawsies…


Big Tommy

Tommy is a huge, tattered old stray tom that lives in my friend Anneke´s garden.  He simply appeared from out of nowhere one day and decided to “move in”.  He is not allowed in the house, but seems to be quite at home on the recliner on the patio.  Here he is munching leftovers that the other cats didn´t eat from the evening before….