Freddy’s Cathouse – Feral Cat Rescue Charity in the Canary Islands

I recently met up to do an interview with Freddy of Freddy’s Cathouse in Playa Blanca, a town in the west of our island of Lanzarote. Him and his charity are totally dedicated to helping improve the lives of approx. 130-140 feral cats, with 26 feeding stations under his care.

Read the full story about this remarkable man and his work in my Catster Article.


Trap Neuter Return – Harbour Cats Puerto del Carmen

A friend and I trapped one of the feral kittens from the cat colony in the Old Town Harbour in Puerto del Carmen yesterday, took it to the vet to be neutered, and returned it to its familiar surroundings today.

Here it is reunited with its mum and litter mates (licking the vet stench off its fur!).

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