Life beyond the Cat Door

I hear you ask what happened to Lugosi, Spider & Ruby?  Well, they are right here, chillin´, sleepin´, eatin´, taking it easy, but they haven´t granted me any kitty photo sessions recently.  So you´ll have to make do with Janelle & Friends (feat. grey & white beauty Squeaky and rough old feral tabby Tommy), I´m afraid! ;)


Last Morning of Cat Sitting

I´m gonna miss you all!  But not to worry, I´ll visit every now and then…..

Butt Shot: Squeaky and Janelle

Gorgeous Janelle

Janelly getting herself covered in planty bits!

What a perfect tail, Squeaky! :)

Squeaky and Janelle

Janelle, Blacky, Squeaky and Tommy (the fat tabby on the right).  Tommy doesn´t really belong there, but appears to have “moved in”…

Squeaky, with Blacky in the background

Janelle´s huge fluffy pawsies…