Random Kitty Pix

Been too busy to update, but we can´t let our kitty pic fans go totally tee-total, can we?! So here you go with a few Spider, Ruby and Lugosi photos from the last week or so. 

Lugosi modelling ultra yummy chicken and salmon treats (available from my friend Felice at Feline Instincts dot com)

Spider, letting it all hang…. erm…. over the side! 

Lugosi cleaning Spider

The Boys posing

Ruby cleaning her toes


Random Sunday Kitty Pic Post

Just some random piccies I haven´t posted before….

Spider, Lugosi & Ruby peeking down from the balcony

New Year´s Day

Spider approves of the new fluffy, purple blanket

Ruby´s Nose

Spider Face Close Up

Sleepy Ruby

Handsome Lugosi

Spider showing off his  “Weapons”