17 Year Old Cat Spider Still Playful!


Help around the house for senior cat Lugosi

Lugosi is getting old (14 1/2 now). His last all over checkup revealed he has arthrosis in his upper spine and he just can´t jump as high as he used to anymore. In particular, he has fallen off so many times in the last few months trying to get up to the sink area where the cats have their water bowl (they won´t drink their water anywhere else).

So I have now built him some “Senior Cat Steps”. It was very simple to make out of MDF board, some nails, some cheap IKEA carpeting/mats, glue, and a roll of stick-on covering for the side, plus some dampener pads underneath to cut down the noise when it´s slid across the floor. It´s not perfect, but it´s so much nicer than the cardboard box that I had put there before. And I am glad to report that he does use it all the time now, and it really helps him get up to his water bowl. 🙂

step 1

step 2

step 3

step 4

step 5

Lugosi approved! 🙂
step 6