Kitty DIY Project: Pretty Red Cat Box

Here´s how to turn a boring old box (from a printer in this case) into something more cute and interesting… 


Step 1: Paint the box in a colour you like. I used the colours red and black because they are my favourite colours, but also because I still had old tins of paint in those colours lying around.

20150901_141658Step 2: download some cat-shape templates from the internet, print them on plain paper, cut them out with a pair of scissors, and trace around them on the box with a pen. Then use a cutter (Stanley knife) to carefully cut the cat and paw print shapes out of the box.


Step 3: Cut out a cat head shape at the back of the box so when your kitty is inside the box it can look through the back as well.


Step 4: Use your imagination to cut out shapes and also paint stuff onto the box.


Step 5: Apply some carpeting on top of the box with epoxy glue. This is great for kitties like my Spider, who loves to sit *on* the box rather than inside it. I got a very cheap white rug for €1.50 from IKEA and cut it to shape, plus I also bought a cushion that fits the shape of the box (however, said cushion is now actually being used by myself as a neck rest, haha!).


Step 6: Stick on some rhine stones/fake jewels using superglue.


Step 7: Again, use your imagination and go wild with painting stuff on the box. I used black paint and a silver colour liquid ink pen for this + fake jewels for the eyes and nose of the cat head.



Step 8: Paint the cutouts from Step 2 and 3 in a colour you like and stick them on the side of the box with epoxy glue or superglue.


So far my cats have not used the box, but it´s probably because the paint and glue smells are still very strong. I guess I have to give it a few days to dry properly and then I´m sure my kitties will love it! 🙂


DIY Kitty Project: Senior Cat Steps

A while ago I wrote an article on on how to make these nifty little steps to help our older cats get up onto all kinds of surfaces around the house more easily. I recently built a second one for my old boy Lugosi so he can comfortably get up on the bed – but funnily enough, he only uses the darn thing to get off the bed, rather than on it!

misc-0046 misc-0047


Help around the house for senior cat Lugosi

Lugosi is getting old (14 1/2 now). His last all over checkup revealed he has arthrosis in his upper spine and he just can´t jump as high as he used to anymore. In particular, he has fallen off so many times in the last few months trying to get up to the sink area where the cats have their water bowl (they won´t drink their water anywhere else).

So I have now built him some “Senior Cat Steps”. It was very simple to make out of MDF board, some nails, some cheap IKEA carpeting/mats, glue, and a roll of stick-on covering for the side, plus some dampener pads underneath to cut down the noise when it´s slid across the floor. It´s not perfect, but it´s so much nicer than the cardboard box that I had put there before. And I am glad to report that he does use it all the time now, and it really helps him get up to his water bowl. 🙂

step 1

step 2

step 3

step 4

step 5

Lugosi approved! 🙂
step 6