Ruby Playing In The Bathtub

Look at her go mental! 🙂


It’s A Dirty Job, But Some Cat’s Gotta Do It

Spider supurrvising me changing the bed clothes… It’s a dirty job, but some cat’s gotta do it!


Meet Bailey, My Neighbours’ New Kitten

I don’t know how anyone could abandon a sweet little morsel like this Siamese/Tabby mix! She was found lost and alone in a local shopping center and my downstairs neighbours didn’t hesitate taking her with them. Bailey now shares the house with feline mum and daughter duo Missy and Sassy, who at first gave her a bit of a hard time, but she stood up for herself and they are fast becoming friends now. 

Here is Bailey playing the kitty air guitar – Rock n’ Roll!!!! 😀 



Spider Gets Ready For His Close-Up Wearing Kitty Ties

I bought these cute little ties (for dogs!) for only €1.15 each the other day. Because they were so cheap, I thought I’d get three, and this is a documentary of how we do our photo sessions, starring Spider, and photos of Lugosi and Ruby (and me!) are also below…

And the photos: