Freddy’s Cathouse – Feral Cat Rescue Charity in the Canary Islands

I recently met up to do an interview with Freddy of Freddy’s Cathouse in Playa Blanca, a town in the west of our island of Lanzarote. Him and his charity are totally dedicated to helping improve the lives of approx. 130-140 feral cats, with 26 feeding stations under his care.

Read the full story about this remarkable man and his work in my Catster Article.


Meet the Campus Cat of Hildesheim University

I recently came across this interesting kitty whilst searching for some info on the town Hildesheim in northern Germany, where I was born. 

Tabby & white girl Fräulein Sinner has lived on the campus of Hildesheim University for 13 years now and she has become a fixture and a familiar sight for students and staff at this university. Here’s my Catster article about this intelligent little feline….


Photo Credit: Isa Lange


07-katze-uni-hildesheim-fraeulein-sinner-strolling 05-katze-uni-hildesheim-fraeulein-sinner-yawning


Meet the Australian Kitty Foster Fail Lady rescuing cats in the Philippines

I had the pleasure of doing an interview for Catster with the wonderful Michelle of Kitty Central, who is a total heroine to her 9 cats, and also to many other cats that she has rescued and fostered.  

:: CLICK HERE to read her story ::

9-kitties baby-shay-tully harper-finn heroimage michelle-asha


The Purr Zone

Let me introduce you to my latest website…. The Purr Zone.

This is where I can showcase all the articles I write (mostly for, but also to show off articles that have been written about me and my cats by others, including all the recent press articles about having married my cats.

So here you are – click the piccie below to take a look, and feel free to share the site, or any posts that you find interesting, with your friends on Facebook, Twitter etc.



DIY Kitty Project: Senior Cat Steps

A while ago I wrote an article on on how to make these nifty little steps to help our older cats get up onto all kinds of surfaces around the house more easily. I recently built a second one for my old boy Lugosi so he can comfortably get up on the bed – but funnily enough, he only uses the darn thing to get off the bed, rather than on it!

misc-0046 misc-0047


Catnip Camera featured on Catster

Here´s my latest Catster article, which is… about myself! Actually, it´s about Catnip Camera and my feline photography really, but with a bit of personal back story thrown in. ENJOY!

:: Click to read the Catnip Camera Article on Catster ::

You´ll find many more beautiful cat photos in the actual article, but here are just three for now…

odd eyed white cat face

two kittens in alley

maine coon tabby