Kitty DIY Project: Pretty Red Cat Box

Here´s how to turn a boring old box (from a printer in this case) into something more cute and interesting… 


Step 1: Paint the box in a colour you like. I used the colours red and black because they are my favourite colours, but also because I still had old tins of paint in those colours lying around.

20150901_141658Step 2: download some cat-shape templates from the internet, print them on plain paper, cut them out with a pair of scissors, and trace around them on the box with a pen. Then use a cutter (Stanley knife) to carefully cut the cat and paw print shapes out of the box.


Step 3: Cut out a cat head shape at the back of the box so when your kitty is inside the box it can look through the back as well.


Step 4: Use your imagination to cut out shapes and also paint stuff onto the box.


Step 5: Apply some carpeting on top of the box with epoxy glue. This is great for kitties like my Spider, who loves to sit *on* the box rather than inside it. I got a very cheap white rug for €1.50 from IKEA and cut it to shape, plus I also bought a cushion that fits the shape of the box (however, said cushion is now actually being used by myself as a neck rest, haha!).


Step 6: Stick on some rhine stones/fake jewels using superglue.


Step 7: Again, use your imagination and go wild with painting stuff on the box. I used black paint and a silver colour liquid ink pen for this + fake jewels for the eyes and nose of the cat head.



Step 8: Paint the cutouts from Step 2 and 3 in a colour you like and stick them on the side of the box with epoxy glue or superglue.


So far my cats have not used the box, but it´s probably because the paint and glue smells are still very strong. I guess I have to give it a few days to dry properly and then I´m sure my kitties will love it! 🙂