Lugosi and Spider are 18 today!!!!

What a long life for 2 kitties, eh?! I am so amazed that both of them made it to this point, what with chronic illness and life-saving surgery (Lugosi’s perineal urethrostomy and feline urinary syndrome) and a successfully removed malignant tumour and renal disease (Spider), plus moving country together with them – just to mention a few major things…

Some say that it’s all my doting and looking after them so well, and spending so much money on veterinary costs that should have been spent on my own holidays! But I would also like to think that they were both born with good, strong genes and are simply very hardy creatures. And as for holidays… I would rather be in the presence of healthy, happy cats than going on holiday any day! 


18 TODAY!!! 🎁🎉🎂🎀🎈🍾 HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO THE LOVES OF MY LIFE SPIDER & LUGOSI! 💖💙😻😻💙💖 Come party with us throughout the day here on Instagram – everybody’s invited! 🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉 See you at the party! 😊 @pkupcake @lorrainecrazycats @michlob @petej68 @catlady_k @the_feline_fanatic @dimitriball @pioneerinjoy @lord_alex_cat @arigrafie @streetcatphotography @deegregory3 @dee.arnold @pumpsi3 @findingbleu #cats #birthday #18thbirthday #tabbies #tabbycats #gatos #katzen #katt #neko #ilovecats #kitties #cute #pets #animals #catstagram #catsofinstagram #catpeople #catlover #catlady #madcatlady #crazycatlady #birthdayparty #cumpleaños #catsoflanzarote #seniorcat #oldcat #mycats #catlife #meow #catphotos

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For those of you who don’t know, I even got married to them in January 2004. This is not really serious or official or legal anywhere, but the serious part is that I love them to bits and it just had to be done…. 

I adopted them when they were already 8 months old, so I do not have a picture of them pre-2000, but here are pictures from each year since March 2000, when they came into my life and changed it forever…. 

The boys “told me” that they didn’t need any more presents at their grand old age, so I decided to donate €50 to a local Lanzarote cat charity called “Freddy’s Cathouse” instead – this is their birthday / thank you card. 🙂

If you want to catch up on *all* the fun we had all day long today, hop on over to our Instagram!


Spider & Lugosi’s 17th Birthday Party

Spider & Lugosi celebrated their 17th birthday yesterday. Yes, that’s SEVENTEEN glorious long years, which translates to around 85 human years. My boys are the same age as my grandad now! 🙂

If you want to find out how old your cat is in human years (or yourself in cat years), there is a nifty cat age calculator in the sidebar right here on this website. 


Lugosi with tuna leftovers hanging on his chin


Lugosi: “Is there going to be dessert?”


Happy Belated Birthday To My Girl Ruby Akasha

Oh noes! I forgot my sweet girl’s birthday! 🙁

Actually, I didn’t. I simply forgot to post things here on my blog. I’m always on Instagram though, if you want to follow us there… 

Happy Birthday Ruby

Ruby gets birthday treats! 


The Boys’ 16th Birthday Celebrations

Since I was out this morning/lunchtime doing a photo shoot, we had to leave the main bulk of Lugosi & Spider’s birthday party to the afternoon… but they appreciated every second of it, just take a look at these photos & the video. 🙂

First they posed a little bit for the camera with their birthday card that mummy gave them. 


And then came the stick treats, nom! Don’t worry, Spider got some too! 


Later, they all lined up for their favourite: TUNA! Even though it’s not Ruby’s birthday, the boys thought they should share some with her so she doesn’t feel left out.  


Ah, TUNAAAA! Nom nom nom! 🙂L&S-0151


Gorgeous Cat Stuff for my Birthday

Got some really cute stuff for my birthday last week. The best catty prezzie ever are these false lashes – aren´t they so unusual and adorable? I wore them at the 9 Lives Lanzarote fundraiser on Thursday night – and I wasn´t the only one who loved them!



Catty Shower Curtain

Beautiful Catty Mirror

And some Catty Socks!


Lugosi & Spider´s 15th Birthday Party Video!

Catnip, Tuna, King Prawns…. and extra cuddles and brushings. What more can an old git of a cat ask for? It´s the first time I tried to shoot a video using 3 different cameras at 3 different angles. The editing was a b*tch! 😉

It´s a bit of a long video, but I guess you can skip/fast forward through it. Just don´t miss the 4 stages of: 1) Tuna, 2) Catnip, 3) King Prawns and 4) The After Effects! 😀