It’s A Dirty Job, But Some Cat’s Gotta Do It

Spider supurrvising me changing the bed clothes… It’s a dirty job, but some cat’s gotta do it!


Meowy Christmas 2015 from Haus von Fluffenstein!

I have been so busy with website work over the last few weeks, I am afraid I have been neglecting this kitty blog!  I hope none of you are suffering from too much withdrawal though, and as soon as work is less manic, I will post more regularly again. 

In the meantime…. MEOWY CHRISTMAS everybody! 



Spider, Ruby & Lugosi Cartoon Art

A huge thanks to Ashleigh of for doing these cute cartoons of my 3 rascals and myself!

Click here to see her other gorgeous pet edits on Instagram! 🙂


And another one with their “mummy” 😀



The Mad Cat Lady & Cats on TV!

Back in March, Doghouse Media came over to film me and my “husbands” Lugosi and Spider for a documentary they were doing for Channel 5 (a major UK TV channel), called “90 Cats and Counting: Cat Crazies”.  This was on TV on 1st July, and here´s the segment that we star in…. ENJOY! 🙂

P.S.: For those of you who are wondering about Ruby…. well, she´s not the one I “married” so the documentary wasn´t about her, just about Lugosi and Spider really.  However, she does make a quick cameo appearance around the 3:25 minute mark, if you watch closely!