Spider Takes Canna-Pet Natural Cannabinoids for Pets

Spider wasn’t well earlier this year. His kidney disease had got slightly worse and he also had to have a malignant tumour (an adenocarcinoma) removed from his right ear at the beginning of June. 

Sadly, there really isn’t that much we can do about old age symptoms such as kidney failure and cancer. The same as with humans, all we can do is treat the symptoms and work on the best quality of life that we can possibly give our furbabies in their twilight years. 

Since I’m a medicinal cannabis (oil) user myself to dampen the 24/7 chronic pain from my rheumatoid arthritis and fibromyalgia that even the strongest painkillers won’t touch, I googled to see if something similar might also help animals with cancer, pain or other ailments. 

That’s when I found Canna-Pet, and decided to order a 2 month supply of their Canna-Pet Advanced for Small Pets.


Canna-Pet’s products are made exclusively from hemp, a non-psychoactive plant which represents a natural cannabinoid source for pet supplements. A study of pet owners using Canna-Pet for their cats and dogs showed that there was a lot of improvement in their pets, treating conditions such as allergies, digestive tract problems, seizures, muscle spasms and inflammatory illnesses. In many cases it also slowed down the re-growth of cancer cells and reduced vomiting and nausea. 

About a week after starting Spider (who is 17 years old) on his new meds, he started acting like a new cat! He has always been a picky eater, and over the last year he has at times completely stopped eating and lost half a kilo in weight. Since putting him on Canna-Pet, he has been eating really well and has put on all that lost weight again. For his age he is still very playful, but now he plays *even more*, and is more cuddly and much more active in general. The tumour he had removed in June also shows no signs of growing back.

Another thing that regular medicine (Gabapentin) could not help with, was Spider’s crying and loud howling various times a night, every night. For whatever the reason – pain, anxiety, senility – he stopped doing this after a week on Canna-Pet pills.

I am really happy that I found something that is helping Spider regain the quality of life that he deserves in his old age. While Canna-Pet obviously cannot reverse the natural ageing process or cure incurable illnesses, it does appear to help make sure that our pets are happy and relatively healthy… until the day they cross over to the Rainbow Bridge.


Meet Bailey, My Neighbours’ New Kitten

I don’t know how anyone could abandon a sweet little morsel like this Siamese/Tabby mix! She was found lost and alone in a local shopping center and my downstairs neighbours didn’t hesitate taking her with them. Bailey now shares the house with feline mum and daughter duo Missy and Sassy, who at first gave her a bit of a hard time, but she stood up for herself and they are fast becoming friends now. 

Here is Bailey playing the kitty air guitar – Rock n’ Roll!!!! 😀 



17 Year Old Cat Spider Still Playful!


Lidl Pet Blankets – Warning: Diabolical Quality!

I bought this lovely pet blanket at our local Lidl here in Puerto del Carmen yesterday, but after only one day of use, it looks like *this*, can you believe it?!


The material is obviously totally unsuitable for use with pets, and after only one day it looks like it is a few months old.

When I went back today to ask for a refund, I was told that it has “already been used” and I couldn’t get a refund. They also said “oh well, cats do scratch”, but that doesn’t justify the material being crap and it looking like this after ONE DAY! I would expect it to look like this only after many months of use…

I’m not a happy bunny and have written a stinky email to Lidl headquarters, and will have to wait and see what they say…

In the meantime, anyone planning to buy one of these blankets from Lidl, I can’t say I warned you! 😉


This is the complaint I wrote to Lidl headquarters in Spanish: 

Compré esta manta para mascotas ayer, y hoy ya se ve como esto (ver foto adjunta)!

No me malinterpreten, yo esperaría que se vea como esto quizas en 2 o 3 meses, pero no después de sólo UN DÍA! Esta manta se supone utilizar para los animales domésticos, pero el material no es adecuado en absoluto.

Cuando fui a mi Lidl local en Puerto del Carmen para tener un reembolso, me dijeron que se ha utilizado el producto y no me devolvería el dinero, ni cambiarlo. Fue utilizado por UN DÍA SÓLO y no debería tener este aspecto!

Le agradecería si me hagan saber lo que puede hacer por mí, pero aunque no se puede usted hacer nada, esta manta no se debe vender para uso con animales.

Espero oír de usted pronto, muchas gracias.

Saludos Cordiales
Barbarella Silke Buchner


Infinite Spider & Lugosi

My good friend Mike of The Infinite Cat Project has today given a mention and sent belated birthday wishes to Spider and Lugosi, who turned 17 last month. Thank you so much, mate! 🙂

Make sure to visit The Infinite Cat Project which is a very unique endeavour of cats watching cats watching cats (a long line of 1810 cats so far!).