Gorgeous Cat Stuff for my Birthday

Got some really cute stuff for my birthday last week. The best catty prezzie ever are these false lashes – aren´t they so unusual and adorable? I wore them at the 9 Lives Lanzarote fundraiser on Thursday night – and I wasn´t the only one who loved them!



Catty Shower Curtain

Beautiful Catty Mirror

And some Catty Socks!


9 Lives Lanzarote Fundraiser at Highlander Too

A whopping €1,232.00 were raised at the fun fundraiser on Thursday night at the Highlander Too in Puerto del Carmen! A huge, huge thanks to everybody who attended and took part and help support the feral cats of Lanzarote…

:: Click Here for the Photos ::


Barbarella & Kitties on The Doctors TV Show in the US

Cute guy defending me! Love it, haha. 

Stuck-up, typical all-American blonde lady: Get a sense of humour! The marriage to my cats is for *fun* and NOT official nor legal, hence totally not relevant in her comparison to same sex marriages.