TV Shoot with the Cats Today

After the airline losing the TV team´s camera equipment on Sunday, they finally managed to get a replacement camera sent over this morning, and we did all the filming that was supposed to be done in two days, in ONE day alone, today…. as you can imagine, after 8 hours almost non-stop filming and being on my feet for this, I am totally shattered now – but… it all went well! 🙂

Lugosi wasn´t too impressed being carted off to my friend Anneke´s house for the “renewal of vows” ceremony, but he still did admirably well, whereas Spider was really good and seemed to quite enjoy all the attention, even though he appeared just slightly nervous.

The film itself will be aired in about 2 months´ time on the UK´s Channel 5, but I´ll post here to let you all know when it will be on when I have the details, and/or post a link to where you can watch it online.

Thanks again to my friends Bernie and Lori for attending as guests, and Anneke for loaning us her beautiful patio for location shooting. And not to forget Sian, Paul and Mark from Doghouse Media, who were fantastic and such great fun to work with! 🙂





Lugosi wasn´t too happy, but he still did amirably well!

Lugosi: “I think I can escape when she´s not looking…”

Kissies for the boys! 🙂


Channel 5 TV Shoot with the Cats

Today and Monday, Doghouse Media are coming over from the England to film my cats and me for a documentary for Channel 5 (UK TV channel) called “For The Love Of Cats” (working title). To say that I´m a bit nervous already is an understatement!

The schedule for today is that they come to my house to film the cats, do an interview with me (and the cats!), and I´ll show off all my cat stuff (I have 1000s of cat-related things!), followed by going down to the Old Town where they will film me taking photos of the Harbour Kitties feral cat colony, since feline photography is one of my greatest passions.

Monday I´ll do some more chatting to them, this time at the Sculpture Hair Salon where I´ll get my nails done, followed by lunch and then a “Renewal of Vows” ceremony – you will remember that I married Lugosi and Spider 11 years ago (for fun, not seriously!) – with my good friends Lori and Bernie in attendance, plus two German friends of mine. Thanks in advance to Anneke Bosma for letting us use her beautiful patio as a location for the ceremony.

As with all things I recently did with the press, I don´t want it to be just about me, but I will also heavily promote the plight of feral kitties on this island and make sure 9 Lives Lanzarote will be talked about.

Please wish me luck, and send calming vibes to Lugosi and Spider, who tomorrow Monday will be kitty-teleported over to Anneke´s house for the ceremony, and I do hope this won´t turn out too stressful for them!

UPDATE: Just heard from the TV team – they arrived in Lanzarote, but their camera equipment has *not*! So today´s schedule has provisionally been moved to Tuesday. 🙁



R.I.P. Luca

My best friend Anneke had to face the hardest task any animal lover can ever think of – she had to have Luca, one of her friendly ferals that she had looked after on her patio for about 4 years, put to sleep yesterday.

He had a malignant, progressive and incurable cancer of the nose and the tissue was already half eaten away, and there was nothing more our vets could do, and it was the kindest thing to let him go. He held on though, his little heart wouldn´t stop beating, and our vet Vanessa had to inject him into the heart in the end. It´s just so unbelievably sad, and I´m sending my most heartfelt hugs again to Anneke as I write this, once again in tears.

Luca was a very gentle soul, never demanding, always shy and sweet, and over the years, Anneke´s TLC turned him from being totally feral into a mellow kitty that we could even pet a little, and he returned this affection with a little head bump each time. As sad as his death may be, we like to think that for a feral he had a good life, his own bed and shelter, food every day and lots of TLC, whether he wanted the latter or not, plus in the later stages of his cancer, Anneke also got him the veterinary care that he needed, even though we knew that this kind of cancer was eventually going to end up “worst case scenario”.

Rest in peace, little guy. You´ll be always in our hearts.


Pic of Luca chilling on the roof, before the cancer ate away his nose.


The Girl Can Fight!

Ruby shows off her martial arts skills, while Lugosi and Spider look on, as if it´s a movie… the other ginger cat in the window is called Fiorello, and the tabby is Cascabel, both cats that live in our alley.



He lived long and prospered…

Today was not a good day to die, but Leonard Nimoy, who played Spock in Star Trek (amongst lots of other things in his 50 year acting career), sadly did pass on…

Along with Captain Kirk (William Shatner), Spock has been my childhood hero all my life, since I first watched the original Star Trek series in around 1974 (I was 8 then), so this news is very sad for me and did make me cry a little, I must admit. My blessings and positive thoughts go out to the family and close friends of this amazing man – he lived long and prospered, but now he must rest in peace….