SCANDAL!!!! The Mad Cat Lady Posts Selfies of … KISSING A DOG!

The Mad Cat Lady betrays her cat husbands Lugosi & Spider with…. A DOG!!!! In an hour or so the whole internet will talk! :O

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This Podenco doggie is called Chica, and even though she´s not a cat… she´s the sweetest thing and, cat lady or not, you just can´t help not loving her. 🙂


How to make a simple cat toy from your cat´s fur

Ruby (and the others) are currently shedding so badly, I could probably build a new cat from all the fur!


So I googled to see what creative ideas I could find on what to do with cat fur, and it showed me a lot of different interesting things, but this one was the easiest to make, so I tried it out…. and Ruby loves it! 🙂


New Cat Stuff!

Yesterday I found this adorable little Rosina Wachtmeister tea light, which when lit makes the turbine at the top spin. It´s just too cute! 


My new kitty pyramid looks even better at night… #cats #catstuff #candlelight

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My catdar (cats + radar = catdar) also went off when I saw this gorgeous mobile phone pouch…