Vampire Kitty without Fangs!

Lugosi sadly had to have both his top fangs removed because they were badly rotten and the gums around them severely inflamed, and for a long time had probably been causing him a lot of pain… 

The good news is that as soon as he was home after the op he immediately started eating his wet food and demolished four(!) small plates of it! It didn´t seem to bother him much, and it appears that he was probably in more pain before than he is now that the teeth are gone. 

I am so relieved that his recovery is going so well. I guess we worry far too much about our furbabies, but cats never cease to surprise me with the amazing healing power they possess and the way they cope with pain… 

Pic of Lugosi´s top fangs after removal – the root is bigger than the tooth itself!!!


Lugosi at home after the operation – looking a bit worse for wear, but doing alright.


Lugosi eating with gusto immediately after getting home after the op.