Music Projects

The following are sound snippets (approx. 2 mins each song) from my old music projects from the early 90s up to around 2003.

My music is divided into 3 projects, because the styles are so wildly different, there was no way they would have ever fitted together.After that, all my creativity has gone into web design, graphic design and photography, and I haven´t written or recorded anything new since then. Also, sadly, due to bad co-ordination and pain from my illnesses (fibromyalgia and rheumatoid arthritis) I have not been playing or singing live.

The “First” and “Endymion” Projects

Under the name “SilkRush” I wrote and recorded the album “First – The Light Side” which contains all my cheerful pop and dance songs (plus some ballads), and “Endymion – The Dark Side” which reveals the darker gothic side of my music – “Shadow Dancers” (Endymion), for example, is a haunting goth piece with Kate Bush-style vocals, whereas “In the Summer Rain” (First) is a beautiful commercial ballad!

The “Dominatrix” Project

If you are into hardhitting industrial, trance and dark techno sounds then you might prefer this to SilkRush’s more “sane” music! The album is called “Muzik to Feed the Madness” and contains 11 tracks + 1 bonus track.

Click on the song titles underneath each album to listen.
First - The Light Side CD Cover Endymion - The Dark Side CD Cover Muzik to Feed the Madness by Dominatrix CD Cover
(mp3 – 991KB)
“My Darkness”
(mp3 – 1.17MB)
“Fastlane into the Abyss”
(mp3 – 2.08MB)
“In the Summer Rain”
Vocals by Daisy Hicks
(mp3 – 1.1MB)
“Subterranean Dreamland”
(mp3 – 1.08MB)
Cybertropic Mix
(mp3 – 1.88MB)
“Another Life”
(mp3 – 2.17MB)
“Shadow Dancers”
(mp3 – 2.17MB)
“Sui Generis”
(mp3 – 1.99MB)
“Harlot in White”
(mp3 – 1.94MB)
“So cold inside my Heart”
(mp3 – 2.19MB)
“Shadow Dancers”
(mp3 – 1.17MB)

If you like my stuff and would like a CD (10€ incl. P&P), please Contact Me.

I am also on Reverbnation as SilkRush