Meet the Cats

LUGOSI (dob 31 July 1999): Bully Boy and overall Boss Cat

Specialties: Food, Back Rubs/Spankies, Getting Mummy out of Bed.
Dislikes: Car Journeys.
LugosiLugosi & Spider fightingLugosi

RUBY AKASHA (dob 20 May 2009): Little Orange Spitfire

Specialties: Wrestling with her Brothers, Beating up other cats outside, Purring.
Dislikes: The Hoover!


SPIDER R.I.P. Sorely Missed (31 July 1999 – 2 Sept 2017): Mischief Maker Extraordinaire.

Specialties: Getting into Trouble, Chin Rubs, Being Cute.
Dislikes: Being bullied by his “sis” Ruby.
:: Read about Spider and what he was like in my “Spider Book of Memories” ::

Lugosi, Spider & Ruby – “Haus von Fluffenstein” – Videos
Videos of Janelle too (who now lives happily with my best friend)