Gothic Lanzarote

Barbarella in Lanzarote You might think that a sunny island like Lanzarote (situated HERE in the world) is totally unsuitable for Goths. What have sunshine and beaches to do with Goth, I hear you ask?  Well, first of all, deep down most Goths *love* sunshine – meaning that they don’t like to be *in* it because it will damage their gothic pallor, but they love *looking* at it. Secondly, if you hate the beach in the daytime then you visit it at night. You know it’s the Goth thing to do. 😉

But to get to the point now, there are actually quite a few things that will attract Goths to this lovely island. The total lack of a Goth Scene is of course not one of them, but while living here I have discovered many things that are very gothic indeed!



Can you think of a force more beautiful and destructive? These are both qualities that Goths very much live for. Lanzarote is full of volcanoes, although only one is still “smoking” – this one is in the gorgeous Timanfaya National Park and you can actually eat food that has been grilled over the heat of this volcano up there in the (sinfully expensive) restaurant!

The most notorious event on the island was also one of the world’s most devastating and longest volcanic eruptions which lasted from September 1730 until April 1736. Within just 8 square kilometres, 25 volcanos erupted. The area where the eruptions took place is now the above mentioned Timanfaya National Park. Before those eruptions, the south of Lanzarote was a fertile place of vineyards, much agriculture, cattle farming and many a peaceful village. Now it’s a dead area of black rock and dried lava which looks like you’ve landed on the Moon! I am planning to witness a volcanic eruption in my lifetime (from a safe distance!), so here’s to hoping that something will happen. 😉

Black Beaches

Black. The Colour of Goth. Goths also tend to like red and purple, but to have beaches in those colours would really be taking the piss, right?! Okay, so there’s only *one* black beach at El Golfo, but that’s quite unique in itself. Somebody asked me recently where the black colour in the sand comes from… as Lanzarote is a volcanic island the black sand is lava-based. El Golfo is very quiet and not overrun by tourism – perfect to sit at that beach and write your goth poetry or music! Swimming is not recommended there though because of the danger of strong undercurrents.

Black Beach at El Golfo, Lanzarote feet in black sand

Spiky Things

Goths love spiky things. Okay, these are not *black* spiky things we’re looking at, but they still got lovely pointy spikes. There are many forms and shapes of cacti and succulents on Lanzarote – it’s of course difficult to grow many other things on lava soil (although there are plants like ficus trees, hibiscus, bougainvillea etc).

A lot of things are also black here such as walls (built with lava stones) and flower/cactus beds in people’s gardens (small black grains of chipped volcanic rock called “picon“).

Spiky Cactus Fleur de Lis Fence

Amazing Sunsets

Back in England or Germany I have never before witnessed the colours that I have seen here in a sunset or sunrise. I have seen a dark *blood red* in a sunset and *purple* in a sunrise (not featured in these pictures though). It must be something to do with the way the light refracts here because we are nearer to the equator. Or something! So grab your camera and get snapping when you’re over! 🙂

Sunset over volcanoes Puerto del Carmen Sunset


Most goths love cats – along with their history and assocation with witchcraft and cult worship throughout the ages, they also signify beauty and independence – things that Goths like. Lanzarote is full of cats, whether they are feral or belong to someone. Many of the English ex-pats have cats as they are very animal loving. Below are a few piccies of the cats I have encountered here.


There are flights from Gatwick Airport (and lots of other European airports) almost every day of the week.

The airport here in Lanzarote is called Arrecife.

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