Anniversary Treats

In case you missed yesterday’s post, it was the boys’ and my 13th anniversary.

Here’s a little video from our Instagram of them getting their special 13th treats. 🙂 


Happy Lucky 13th Anniversary, Boys!

It’s been 13 years since I “married” Lugosi and Spider. In 2015, we held a little “renewal of meows” ceremony which was also featured on TV in Channel 5’s documentary about “cat crazies” called “90 Cats and Counting” (see our section from the documentary in the video below). 

My boys are now 17 and a half years old and I don’t know if this is going to be our last anniversary, but even if it was, my love for them is for always and ever. 

LOVE YOU big time, my sweet boys! And hey, Ruby, I love you too, of course! 😉

Disclaimer: I don’t care what people think about this. Just don’t end up with your mind in the gutter because it’s not meant to be serious, nor official or legally binding in a court of law. 😉

Spider and Lugosi’s initials immortalised in a cattoo on my leg.


Christmas Cats – Behind the Scenes

A Christmas photo session with one cat is easy. With two cats it becomes a bit of a challenge. With three cats?! That’s when it starts getting difficult! Lots of treats were involved, of course – see video below and the photographic results. 🙂


Lugosi & Spider’s Adoption Story

Hi furriends, Spider here. Since it was National Cat Day over in the U.S. of A. a few days ago, which promotes kitty adoptions, I thought I would share my and my brother Lugosi’s story of how we came to be with our mummy and found our forever home. 

I guess either of us was too young to remember our first weeks of life, but at approx. six weeks of age, we found ourselves in a pet shop in East London, where a nice enough couple bought us in around September 1999. However, only six months months later we were kicked out of our home because a new stinky, screaming mini-human had arrived that turned out to be allergic to us! So we spent 2 weeks outside in the garden in the wet and cold UK winter before a friendly face from the local RSPCA shelter picked us up. 


Things got worse though. All the freedom of being outside was taken from us and we were couped up in a large cage at the shelter. But at least they put us in there together and did not separate me from my twin bro! 


So that is when one day soon after we arrived at the shelter, this weird gothic / punky looking lady came to see us. We thought, she didn’t seem so bad, so we put on our cutest behaviour and big, noisy purrs, to make a good impression. And it worked! She fell in love with us there and then!

But then things turned worse again. Before this lady came to take us home with her, we found ourselves in a smelly, scary veterinary clinic and we heard words like “neutering” and “removing the testes” that sounded very frightening to us, plus we were stuck with various needles (something called “vaccinations”) on top of all that. It was the worst time of our lives! But we are still here and did survive it all, even though we lost our “crown jewels” somewhere down the road…


Finally! The day came when the gothic looking lady (Barbarella) picked us up and took us both home with her. She had to sign some papers before doing so, and these sported our new names “Spider” and “Lugosi” – our previous names were “Pippin” and “Poo”. 


So we were in this new house and we were scared as hell! We didn’t like all these new smells and sounds and it took us about a week to “come out” and enjoy our new forever home, with David (“the Daddy”) and Barbarella. 


In 2003, David moved out though and I, in particular, missed him a lot because he would play Monopoly and the Pokemon Card Game with me and give me lots of treats involving beef.


But then things got even worse again… Mummy moved to another country with us! 

We had to spend about 3 hours on a car journey to the airport, which my bro didn’t handle well and he was very sick and soiled himself even before we got there. We then spent another 5 hours or so inside the bottom of a noisy plane to fly to a tropical island called Lanzarote (Canary Islands, autonomous community of Spain), after which we spent the better part of 3 weeks under the bed because we were so frightened at living in yet another new place.


All is good now though, and we are still going strong at 17 years of age. We also have a 7 year old ginger sister called Ruby, who can be annoying at times, but we love her anyway. 

So there you have it. That’s our story in a nutshell. Let us have your kitty’s story in the comments! 🙂



Synchronised Kitty Heat Stroke

“Mummy, we can’t bear this heat! Please turn the aircon up a bit more!”

With outside temps of 43C (110F), the only way for the boys to keep at least slightly cool is to konk out on the cool floor tiles… Ruby, on the other hand didn’t mind so much. But then, she was born and bred in the Canary Islands whereas the boys are British! 

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