Canna-Pet Natural Cannabinoids – Spider One Year Later

I wrote an article on Canna-Pet’s natural cannabinoids in September 2016, documenting how they helped my boy Spider with his ear tumour and kidney disease, and thought I’d write an update on how he is doing now.

Spider has taken Canna-Pet capsules for a year now, and the adenocarcinoma that our vet excised from his ear a year ago has shown no signs of growing back, even though we were told that it “might be back in a year or so”.  On testing his kidneys, his values have actually improved, which is something of a miracle in a cat that has been in kidney failure since March 2015! I think this is in part due to him taking Canna-Pet, but will probably also be helped by a supplement called Renafood that I give him once a day.

Since on Canna-Pet, Spider has become more active again – behaving like a much younger cat! See the video below of him jumping after his favourite toy, the ping pong ball. 🙂 

Spider’s fur has also become so very soft, he is much more cuddly and vocal with me than ever, and the loud crying fits in the middle of the night happen only occasionally now. 

In conclusion, I am very pleased with the results, and would recommend Canna-Pet to anyone who is desperate to find something that works, where nothing has helped before, to give their cats or dogs that are suffering from cancer, diabetes, allergies, anxiety or as pain relief, to name just a few.

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Spider plays Football from inside his Tent

Spider is almost 18 years old! Can you believe he’s still so playful? He cracks me up, LOL.