More “Outing for Indoor Kitties” Pics

Another outing they enjoyed – we´re doing this once or twice every day now. :)

Spider and Ruby

Ruby shares a secret with Lugosi

Mirror Cats (Ruby and Lugosi)

Spider joins Ruby and Lugosi

Ruby: “Who goes there?”

Lugosi and Ruby

Lugosi is panting in this picture – it was too hot for him outside that day….


Today was a hot hot hot day for kitties…..

No way we´re going out in that heat, say Lugosi and Spider. 
PLEASE NOTE: If you are a dog owner, consider how hot the pavement is for your doggie´s feat when you walk him/her.  Try NOT to walk your dog at the hottest time of day, but in the early morning or evening when the worst of the heat has passed, or put protective shoes on his/her paws….