Meowy Christmas 2015 from Haus von Fluffenstein!

I have been so busy with website work over the last few weeks, I am afraid I have been neglecting this kitty blog!  I hope none of you are suffering from too much withdrawal though, and as soon as work is less manic, I will post more regularly again. 

In the meantime…. MEOWY CHRISTMAS everybody! 



Time For Some Silly Cat Pics – Silly Hats Edition

Starting off with Lugosi… (with his “I shall kill you in your sleep for this” expression)


Lugosi with a different kind of hat… 


Ruby with a pretty star hat… 


And Spider borrowing Lugosi’s silly hat (above). 



Happy Saint Nicholas Day!

Not so hugely celebrated in the UK, this day is nevertheless quite big in Germany, and I myself grew up with the tradition of leaving my shoe out overnight to receive presents from this lovely man. 🙂

Here are my 3 rascals wishing you a Happy Sankt Nikolaus! 



Kitty Art Sketch of Lugosi, Spider & Ruby

I recently met this Danish artist, Thomas Dalsgaard Clausen, on Instagram (@onedrawingdaily).

Thomas makes sketches and beautiful drawings of all kinds of pets (and humans and other things too), and you can enter his draw to have one or more of your pets sketched by him for free

He also takes commissions for pet portraits – click here if you would like a drawing of your cat or dog or other pet

This is the wonderful free sketch he made for me of my 3 rascals…. 


The above is only a free, quick sketch that he did for me, but here are some examples of his beautiful commissioned work.

misc-0041 misc-0042 misc-0043


Spider, Ruby & Lugosi Cartoon Art

A huge thanks to Ashleigh of for doing these cute cartoons of my 3 rascals and myself!

Click here to see her other gorgeous pet edits on Instagram! 🙂


And another one with their “mummy” 😀



Kitty Love Letters In The Sand

Sorry, I have not posted much on this blog the last week or so due to… well, as you can see, I have been too busy with other stuff like hanging around on the beach drawing kitty love letters in the sand… 😉

barbandcats-0121 barbandcats-0122

And one from the night before…