My New Spider and Lugosi Cattoo!

In honour of my boys’ 18th birthday last month, I decided to have another cattoo of/for them done. I already have one with their initials on my right leg, but I now have the boys in their full glory on my left leg. 

Ouch! The beginnings….

The outlines done

The finished cattoo!

Spider doesn’t seem impressed. More treats this way, now there’s a good hoomin.

Lugosi: “What? That doesn’t even look like me. I am so much more handsome than that!”

And this is the one I had done 10 years ago, their initials, my own design…


Naughty Nelly!

She just loves to nibble on those morning glory flowers. They don’t appear to have any harmful effect on her, she doesn’t even vomit afterwards, so we gather they are safe to eat! 


City the Kitty, Crusader against Declawing

We are proud to be Instagram furriends with this amazing ginger and white tom called City. He and his mom, Lori, have been tirelessly campaigning and fighting against the outdated and barbaric procedure of declawing.

Most people think that declawing is simply a clipping of the claws, but the reality is so much worse than that… it’s actually an amputation of the last digit of each “finger” on a cat’s paw! Some cats are so unlucky to be declawed on all four paws, but it’s more common for vets to do just the front paws. Yes VETS! These are the people who take an oath and solemnly swear to do no harm to an animal! And yet, especially in the U.S., this procedure is done routinely, along with spay/neuter ops, and the only real reason being so that cats do not scratch/destroy people’s furniture

Declawing is purely a cosmetic procedure and has no health benefits for the cat whatsoever (except in extreme and rare cases where the cat has severe epilepsy, for example, and could end up hurting itself). 

Well, to the people who want pristine furniture, I say “DON’T HAVE A CAT THEN!”  How dare they maim their kitty’s paws so it then walks around on the amputated stumps and in pain for the rest of its life just because you don’t want your sofa scratched?! 

I could go on for days about this subject, but please visit City the Kitty’s website to get the inside scoop and detailed information on how you can help become a fighter against declawing too. There are petitions you can sign and congress people to write to who have the power to change the law, with your help.



Hoovering the Cat

Maybe you shouldn’t try this at home… most cats run 10 miles when they even hear the darn thing! 😉


The Tabcat Cat Tracker – My Review

I recently got the chance to test out the Tabcat Cat Tracker. Have you ever struggled to find your cat inside your house or around the garden or in the street, especially when it’s time to take them to the vet (they always “just know”!)? If the answer is yes, then this product may be for you.

The very attractive package I received contained two homing tags, two splash proof covers, and a handheld tracking unit. It was very easy to register a tag, and once it has been attached to your cat’s collar, you are set to track down your kitty wherever it may be hiding! 

Tabcat Cat Tracker package

Very attractive packaging and user guide in multiple languages

The homing tag weighs only 6 grams and is small enough not to bother your cat in its day to day activities.  Its range is up to 122 meters (400 feet), unless there are walls and doors between you and the cat, when it will be significantly less. I easily tracked one of my cats by following the beeps and lights on the handheld tracking unit. These increase in pitch and turn from red via orange to green respectively – green meaning that you have found your cat. There is also a little beeping sound that emits from the actual tag on the cat’s collar, and this can be used to teach your cat to return to you once he/she has been located with the Tabcat tracker.

Even though my cats are indoor only, they go out for walks under my supersion once or twice a day in our very safe pedestrian alley. They usually don’t wear collars, so in order to test the Tabcat Cat Tracker, I put on one of the many colourful cravats they own (see picture of Spider below) and attached the tag to that.

Inside the apartment, the tracker works great. So when you cannot locate your cat because of a trip to the dreaded vets, or after he/she has been scared by fireworks, it’s easy to find your cat’s hiding place. It works through walls, and probably in 2-storey dwellings too, but I was not able to test the latter because our apartment is on only one floor. 

Spider sporting the Tabcat tracker in a funky turquoise cover matching his cravat!

This morning, as I opened the front door, my boy Spider escaped and belted down the stairs into the alley. I used the handheld unit and was able to easily track him, hidden in a nearby alcove, where nobody would have found him because he was obscured by foliage. However, more testing revealed that the tracker will not work through more than one thick wall, and when my ginger queen Ruby was outside and behind two walls, the handheld unit did not pick up her signal until I had only one wall between us.

Here is my verdict and what I think are the pros and cons of the Tabcat Cat Tracker:


  • Small enough not to bother your cat and weighing on 6 grams.
  • Works through doors and through at least one thick wall.
  • It is possible to train your cat to come back to you thanks to the beeping on the cat’s tag.
  • Recommended for apartments or small 2-storey houses, and to find your cat around your garden and nearby streets.
  • Great to find your indoor cat – especially before vet visits or when he/she has escaped outside!


  • If it’s a large house or garden bigger than 100 meters square, it may if the cat roams further than that.
  • If the cat loses its collar, the tag will also be lost.
  • Will not work through more than one thick wall.
  • Not recommended if your cat has a huge outdoor territory.

** Click here to find out more about the Tabcat Cat Tracker on their website **


Spider plays Football from inside his Tent

Spider is almost 18 years old! Can you believe he’s still so playful? He cracks me up, LOL. 


Ruby Playing In The Bathtub

Look at her go mental! 🙂


It’s A Dirty Job, But Some Cat’s Gotta Do It

Spider supurrvising me changing the bed clothes… It’s a dirty job, but some cat’s gotta do it!


Anniversary Treats

In case you missed yesterday’s post, it was the boys’ and my 13th anniversary.

Here’s a little video from our Instagram of them getting their special 13th treats. 🙂 


Von Fluffenstein Annual Christmas Tuna Event

So there’s me going out of my way to get them a goose breast fillet as a special treat this Christmas. Of course, Ruby stuck her nose up at it and refused to eat it, but at least the boys showed some enthusiasm. In the end, a tin of trusty old tuna saved the day… video evidence below. 🙂