It’s A Dirty Job, But Some Cat’s Gotta Do It

Spider supurrvising me changing the bed clothes… It’s a dirty job, but some cat’s gotta do it!


Love Cats Ruby & Lugosi Touching Feet

So adorable! 🙂


Spider, Ruby & Lugosi Cartoon Art

A huge thanks to Ashleigh of for doing these cute cartoons of my 3 rascals and myself!

Click here to see her other gorgeous pet edits on Instagram! 🙂


And another one with their “mummy” 😀



Janelle: Little Pink Ridinghood

We use this grooming mask to help Janelle with the stress of being brushed (she hates it!), and it does work to a certain extent. However, she still wriggles and writhes a lot trying to get away, and this time she managed to dislodge her mask and it ended up on the back of her head. The result was extremely cute! 🙂

janelle0175 janelle0176

This is how it´s *supposed* to fit on her head…