My 2017 Cat Calendar Is Out! Street Cats of Jerusalem

On my trip to Jerusalem in April of this year, I had the pleasure of meeting the friendly feral street cats that live all over this ancient city. My new 2017 calendar has 13 beautiful images of these cats, and makes a great Christmas present for both cat lovers and animal photography aficionados. 

€0.50 of each calendar will be donated to The Kennel Klub Lanzarote, one of our local animal charities.

Click on the image below to preview all the pages, and to buy… 


Lidl Pet Blankets – Warning: Diabolical Quality!

I bought this lovely pet blanket at our local Lidl here in Puerto del Carmen yesterday, but after only one day of use, it looks like *this*, can you believe it?!


The material is obviously totally unsuitable for use with pets, and after only one day it looks like it is a few months old.

When I went back today to ask for a refund, I was told that it has “already been used” and I couldn’t get a refund. They also said “oh well, cats do scratch”, but that doesn’t justify the material being crap and it looking like this after ONE DAY! I would expect it to look like this only after many months of use…

I’m not a happy bunny and have written a stinky email to Lidl headquarters, and will have to wait and see what they say…

In the meantime, anyone planning to buy one of these blankets from Lidl, I can’t say I warned you! 😉


This is the complaint I wrote to Lidl headquarters in Spanish: 

Compré esta manta para mascotas ayer, y hoy ya se ve como esto (ver foto adjunta)!

No me malinterpreten, yo esperaría que se vea como esto quizas en 2 o 3 meses, pero no después de sólo UN DÍA! Esta manta se supone utilizar para los animales domésticos, pero el material no es adecuado en absoluto.

Cuando fui a mi Lidl local en Puerto del Carmen para tener un reembolso, me dijeron que se ha utilizado el producto y no me devolvería el dinero, ni cambiarlo. Fue utilizado por UN DÍA SÓLO y no debería tener este aspecto!

Le agradecería si me hagan saber lo que puede hacer por mí, pero aunque no se puede usted hacer nada, esta manta no se debe vender para uso con animales.

Espero oír de usted pronto, muchas gracias.

Saludos Cordiales
Barbarella Silke Buchner


Kitty DIY Project: Pretty Red Cat Box

Here´s how to turn a boring old box (from a printer in this case) into something more cute and interesting… 


Step 1: Paint the box in a colour you like. I used the colours red and black because they are my favourite colours, but also because I still had old tins of paint in those colours lying around.

20150901_141658Step 2: download some cat-shape templates from the internet, print them on plain paper, cut them out with a pair of scissors, and trace around them on the box with a pen. Then use a cutter (Stanley knife) to carefully cut the cat and paw print shapes out of the box.


Step 3: Cut out a cat head shape at the back of the box so when your kitty is inside the box it can look through the back as well.


Step 4: Use your imagination to cut out shapes and also paint stuff onto the box.


Step 5: Apply some carpeting on top of the box with epoxy glue. This is great for kitties like my Spider, who loves to sit *on* the box rather than inside it. I got a very cheap white rug for €1.50 from IKEA and cut it to shape, plus I also bought a cushion that fits the shape of the box (however, said cushion is now actually being used by myself as a neck rest, haha!).


Step 6: Stick on some rhine stones/fake jewels using superglue.


Step 7: Again, use your imagination and go wild with painting stuff on the box. I used black paint and a silver colour liquid ink pen for this + fake jewels for the eyes and nose of the cat head.



Step 8: Paint the cutouts from Step 2 and 3 in a colour you like and stick them on the side of the box with epoxy glue or superglue.


So far my cats have not used the box, but it´s probably because the paint and glue smells are still very strong. I guess I have to give it a few days to dry properly and then I´m sure my kitties will love it! 🙂


Cute New Cat Stuff

You probably think that I could not possibly get any more cat stuff than I already have…. but a Mad Cat Lady cannot *ever* have enough cat stuff! 😀  Below are my latest acquisitions. 

I absolutely adore these top-of-door hangers from Lidl. 



And this little cat sticker is from


Isn´t it adorable? 🙂20150810_092030


New Cat Stuff

My cat-dar has been doing its job, and these are my latest catty acquisitions.  

I absolutely adore my Kitty Purry mobile phone cover from Katy Perry´s Prism Collection! LOVE IT! 


Yes, I know, my screen is cracked – but with this nice, thick silicone cover my phone will surely bounce off the floor if I drop it again! 😉



Found this at a local shop – a rubbery kitty-shaped clock! 


This beautiful box goes purrfectly with the colour of the walls in my bathroom. And, of course, there´s a cat on it! 


Inside box detail – another black kitty on the inside. 🙂


catstuff-0039 catstuff-0040


The Mad Cat Lady & Cats on TV!

Back in March, Doghouse Media came over to film me and my “husbands” Lugosi and Spider for a documentary they were doing for Channel 5 (a major UK TV channel), called “90 Cats and Counting: Cat Crazies”.  This was on TV on 1st July, and here´s the segment that we star in…. ENJOY! 🙂

P.S.: For those of you who are wondering about Ruby…. well, she´s not the one I “married” so the documentary wasn´t about her, just about Lugosi and Spider really.  However, she does make a quick cameo appearance around the 3:25 minute mark, if you watch closely! 


Wonderful Cat Art of my 3 Rascals by Thomas Baden-Riess

Thomas Baden-Riess, who drew this wonderful pawtrait of Ruby, Lugosi & Spider for me, is a pencil artist and author. He is available for commission of pencil portraits of pets and loved ones. He also produces more elaborate works of art, and his books are available on Amazon.

Click here to check out his works of art on his website, or to make a commission. You can also follow Thomas on Facebook and subscribe to his YouTube Channel.  

Thanks you so much, Thomas.  This is really beautiful and I adore the drawing!  I have already framed it, but still need to find the purrfect place to hang it.

Lugosi: “Hmmm. He didn´t quite catch me in the best light!”  Barbarella: “Well, at least *I* love it!”.




The original photo (3 cats in IKEA boxes)