Remembering Spider

Remembering Spider

It’s almost 12 weeks since my Spider died (on 2nd September), and I’m only just coming to terms properly with him not being around anymore. I still cry every other day, missing him like crazy, and having moments of disbelief that he’s really gone. But the good thing is that his twin bro Lugosi has recovered ok from his own grief – he was so depressed and totally unresponsive for about 2 weeks, and he also had a nasty urinary tract infection that took two long courses of antibiotics to cure. But now he is back to his normal self, if not more cuddly and clingy than before (which is understandable). 

I am concentrating on him and my girl Ruby now, and on keeping only the good and wonderful memories of Spider alive, even though the whole process of putting him to sleep and him dying in my arms will forever haunt me. Here I am in tears again, just thinking about that! 🙁 

Anyway…. here is a video of the little “Spidertree” that I dedicated to him, and some piccies of him with me and his siblings. Rest in peace, my beautiful boy. I miss you and love you, always. 

Spider with his bro Lugosi back in London, when they were about 2 years old. 

Spider in March 2017 – he was still so active and playful for an almost 18 year old cat! 

Ruby, Lugosi & Spider – I miss seeing this cute threesome together!

Spider walking home with me after the vets on his harness and leash.