City the Kitty, Crusader against Declawing

City the Kitty, Crusader against Declawing

We are proud to be Instagram furriends with this amazing ginger and white tom called City. He and his mom, Lori, have been tirelessly campaigning and fighting against the outdated and barbaric procedure of declawing.

Most people think that declawing is simply a clipping of the claws, but the reality is so much worse than that… it’s actually an amputation of the last digit of each “finger” on a cat’s paw! Some cats are so unlucky to be declawed on all four paws, but it’s more common for vets to do just the front paws. Yes VETS! These are the people who take an oath and solemnly swear to do no harm to an animal! And yet, especially in the U.S., this procedure is done routinely, along with spay/neuter ops, and the only real reason being so that cats do not scratch/destroy people’s furniture

Declawing is purely a cosmetic procedure and has no health benefits for the cat whatsoever (except in extreme and rare cases where the cat has severe epilepsy, for example, and could end up hurting itself). 

Well, to the people who want pristine furniture, I say “DON’T HAVE A CAT THEN!”  How dare they maim their kitty’s paws so it then walks around on the amputated stumps and in pain for the rest of its life just because you don’t want your sofa scratched?! 

I could go on for days about this subject, but please visit City the Kitty’s website to get the inside scoop and detailed information on how you can help become a fighter against declawing too. There are petitions you can sign and congress people to write to who have the power to change the law, with your help.