• Doug G. Thomas

    More hugs for you Barbarella…. To look at them on their birthday, you’d never guess they were/are 18 years old, and videos and photos you’ve posted in recent past never gave a clue. I hope Lugosi is adjusting, as much for his sake as for yours. What a beautiful tribute shelf for your beloved Spider! We each deal with these matters in different yet similar ways. I’ve forwarded an e-mail my sister sent outlining what she did as her memorial to her late Sox, a beautiful tuxedo cat she raised from a kitten. He, too, died of cancer.

  • Thank you, Doug! πŸ™‚ I don’t have a garden, so I can’t bury any ashes or toys etc. the way your sister did… I might just get a nice potted plant though in memory of him to keep on my balcony….

  • Doug G. Thomas

    I think you did a lot toward his memory, and it is a pleasing, appropriate display.

  • Teresa Spanics

    AWW πŸ™ More BIG CYBER HUGS to you Barbarella πŸ™

  • pilch92 .

    He was such a handsome boy.

  • Thank you again. πŸ™

  • He sure was. πŸ™