Spider’s Ashes

Spider’s Ashes

I picked up Spider’s ashes from my vets in Tías yesterday. Driving home, I “talked” to him and cried all the way home, and had to make a stop because I could not see through my tears. But the urn is really lovely and I think it’s such a blessing that we now have the pet crematorium on the island.

Spider has a permanent place, not only in my heart of course, but now also on a beautiful custom made cat shelf (made by local woodworking artist Leo Makepeace) in my bedroom where I have placed his urn, surrounded by cat figurines, the cat angel my friend Felice gave me, and a ball of his fur.

REST IN PEACE my sweet, gentle Spiderboy.

  • Teresa Spanics


  • Thank you so much, Teresa. 🙁

  • pilch92 .

    That is a beautiful memorial for Spider. The ball of fur is a very nice touch and the urn is very nice.

  • Thank you so much. 🙂