R.I.P. Buster

My neighbours just lost their 10 month old ginger tom Buster, whom you probably know from previous posts and pictures on this blog.

He was run over by a car last weekend, and after putting up posters on Monday, they got a call from someone saying that they had found him dead in the street on Saturday evening. He was normally locked in at night, but didn´t return that evening.

I am so very sad about this, and so sorry for my neighbours´ loss – Buster was always around when I opened my front door, and he frequently “invaded” my apartment with his unique character and cheekiness, and would play with my 3 cats.

I miss him very much, but at the same time, I feel like I want to celebrate his life and all the joy and laughs and silliness that he gave us, and I feel grateful that he was in our lives, however short his time was on this Earth.

Here´s the video again that I made of him last month, and a few photos. Rest in Peace, sweetie. :(

2015-03-1317.53.00.jpg DSCN3648 DSCN3654 2015-03-13 17.55.03

Buster and Spider2015-03-07 17.58.37 DSCN3641


More Cat Stuff!

A Mad Cat Lady can never have enough cat stuff! This trinket box and compact mirror arrived from eBay today.

I think I need to build an extension to my apartment soon simply to house all my feline paraphernalia… ;)

Gorgeous trinket box (with Spider lookalike!) and compact mirror

There´s a mirror inside the trinket box…

And the triquetra on both the compact mirror and the box matches my tattoo!

Spider showing off “his” cup and trinket box.


TV Shoot with the Cats Today

After the airline losing the TV team´s camera equipment on Sunday, they finally managed to get a replacement camera sent over this morning, and we did all the filming that was supposed to be done in two days, in ONE day alone, today…. as you can imagine, after 8 hours almost non-stop filming and being on my feet for this, I am totally shattered now – but… it all went well! :)

Lugosi wasn´t too impressed being carted off to my friend Anneke´s house for the “renewal of vows” ceremony, but he still did admirably well, whereas Spider was really good and seemed to quite enjoy all the attention, even though he appeared just slightly nervous.

The film itself will be aired in about 2 months´ time on the UK´s Channel 5, but I´ll post here to let you all know when it will be on when I have the details, and/or post a link to where you can watch it online.

Thanks again to my friends Bernie and Lori for attending as guests, and Anneke for loaning us her beautiful patio for location shooting. And not to forget Sian, Paul and Mark from Doghouse Media, who were fantastic and such great fun to work with! :)





Lugosi wasn´t too happy, but he still did amirably well!

Lugosi: “I think I can escape when she´s not looking…”

Kissies for the boys! :)