Spider goes to the Vets!

Spider hates being in the cat carrier. He even got himself a bloody claw once because he tried to fight his way out. He simply goes ballistic in there. So instead, when we drive to the vets, I put him on a little harness and secure him with a pet belt that clips into the seatbelt socket on the backseat of the car. Except for meowing a few times, he is very calm, just lies down and enjoys the ride. 

This is us walking down the alley to the car. 


The Jerusalem Animal Protection Society (JSPCA) NEEDS YOUR HELP

Last year during a trip to Israel, I spent a day at the JSPCA Shelter just outside of Jerusalem, and was amazed how hard the volunteers all worked there to help care for all the homeless animals.

Recently, they have had a series of break-ins, where luckily no animals were harmed, but a lot of things were stolen from the premises or vandalised. 

At the JSPCA Shelter

They have now launched a week long campaign for Jewish Giving Day on July 10th, in order to raise money to buy a security system for the Jerusalem SPCA shelter so that there will be no more break-ins in the future.

Please click on this link to go to their campaign page and donate to help them protect and secure the animals and the shelter. This campaign will succeed if they can count on you to share the campaign with your friends and on your Facebook, Twitter and other social media, as well as donate, and tell your friends and family that you donated and ask them to give too… 

Howling doggie and cute ginger cat at the JSPCA Shelter


Naughty Nelly!

She just loves to nibble on those morning glory flowers. They don’t appear to have any harmful effect on her, she doesn’t even vomit afterwards, so we gather they are safe to eat! 


New Toys for Ruby

Ruby: “Hmmm, I’ll pretend I’m interested for 2 minutes…”

I have given up buying toys for them now because they are always more interested in homemade toys, like rolled up aluminium balls or pieces of string! These mousies were a present, but the interest only lasted a few minutes, and then they all stuck up their noses at it. 🙁