Catnip Camera featured on Catster

Here´s my latest Catster article, which is… about myself! Actually, it´s about Catnip Camera and my feline photography really, but with a bit of personal back story thrown in. ENJOY!

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You´ll find many more beautiful cat photos in the actual article, but here are just three for now…

odd eyed white cat face

two kittens in alley

maine coon tabby


Wanna be a Cat in Motion…

… all I need is a pair of wheels (or two pairs of wheels in Spider´s case).

Unlike his bro Lugosi who totally goes to pieces even on short journeys, Spider doesn´t mind travelling by car at all. What he does mind is being in the bag in the car. So for the first time, I today drove him to the vets, riding shotgun, wearing his harness, with the leash secured around the seat to keep him (and me!) safe, while driving. And he was amazing and so well behaved! I am really proud of my little boy. :)

P.S.: all photos were taken with the car stationery and not while driving.

Are we there yet?!


Spider puts his paw on my leg… “Mummy! You´re driving too fast!”

Full steam ahead!