New Cat Calendar 2015: Cat Faces (Cats of Lanzarote Edition)

Your favourite feline photographer´s Cat Calendar 2015 is now available!

I have chosen some of my best photos again and put them in this calendar. Some are pet cats here in Lanzarote, and other photos are of those gorgeous feral street cats. The calendar makes a great Christmas gift for your cat lover friends or family, or for yourself to keep of course. In Euros, the price for this lovely calendar works out around €16 including shipping (depending on your location, it might be less than that though).

For every calendar sold I will donate €1.00 to 9 Lives Lanzarote (local spay/neuter charity).


Here you can preview the calendar pages.


Fake it for the Cats!

Storets, a women’s fashion brand, has partnered up with Neighborhood Cats, a charity organization for feral cats in New York City, to make a faux fur coat & clutch bag that will save feral cats´ lives.

Storets started off with the idea that faking it is better than the real deal. Why wear cruel real fur items and kill an innocent furry animal, when fake ones look and feel even better? And to make that message more clear than ever, they made a faux fur coat that will actually save a cats´ lives, instead of taking lives away.

One purchase of a faux fur coat will give one kitten his/her first health checkup. One purchase of a faux fur clutch bag will give a warm, insulated shelter for 4 feral cats. So by wearing this Ragdoll Tabby Faux Fur Coat (yes, it’s named after a ragdoll tabby cat!) you can be proud about not only saving a fox’s or other beautiful animal´s life from the fur industry, but also about giving a feral cat a healthy start in his/her life.

Please go and support their IndieGoGo Campaign by making a donation or buying one of their gorgeous fake fur coats or clutches – click this link:




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