Cute New Cat Stuff

You probably think that I could not possibly get any more cat stuff than I already have…. but a Mad Cat Lady cannot *ever* have enough cat stuff! 😀  Below are my latest acquisitions. 

I absolutely adore these top-of-door hangers from Lidl. 



And this little cat sticker is from


Isn´t it adorable? :)20150810_092030


Our Vets Rock!

Back in June Lugosi had to have both his upper canine fangs removed. They were badly diseased and rotten and, sadly, had to come out.

I meant to post this earlier but never got round to it until now, but I just wanted to say a big THANKS to my wonderful vets Marga, Vanessa and Maria, for giving me such a big discount (two tooth extractions for the price of one!) and for taking great care of my old baby boy. 

2015-05-06 17.48.40