The Cutest Feral Cat Family

I came across these cuties on my way to the local summer fair yesterday. From the snip in the ear you can see that somebody already had the mummy cat sterilised, but the kittens still appear too young, probably around 2 1/2 months or so. 9 Lives Lanzarote (our TNR charity) are going to keep an eye on them so they can be spayed/neutered when the time comes…othercats-0392othercats-0390 othercats-0391othercats-0393 othercats-0394 othercats-0395 othercats-0396


New Cat Stuff

My cat-dar has been doing its job, and these are my latest catty acquisitions.  

I absolutely adore my Kitty Purry mobile phone cover from Katy Perry´s Prism Collection! LOVE IT! 


Yes, I know, my screen is cracked – but with this nice, thick silicone cover my phone will surely bounce off the floor if I drop it again! 😉



Found this at a local shop – a rubbery kitty-shaped clock! 


This beautiful box goes purrfectly with the colour of the walls in my bathroom. And, of course, there´s a cat on it! 


Inside box detail – another black kitty on the inside. :)


catstuff-0039 catstuff-0040


The Boys’ 16th Birthday Celebrations

Since I was out this morning/lunchtime doing a photo shoot, we had to leave the main bulk of Lugosi & Spider’s birthday party to the afternoon… but they appreciated every second of it, just take a look at these photos & the video. :)

First they posed a little bit for the camera with their birthday card that mummy gave them. 


And then came the stick treats, nom! Don’t worry, Spider got some too! 


Later, they all lined up for their favourite: TUNA! Even though it’s not Ruby’s birthday, the boys thought they should share some with her so she doesn’t feel left out.  


Ah, TUNAAAA! Nom nom nom! :)L&S-0151