Boxhab? More like Bag-Hab for Ruby!

For the uninitiated, “Boxhab” is for cats that have an addiction/unhealthy obsession with boxes.

Ruby obviously doesn´t have that problem, but I think I might need to send her to Bag-Hab…

Ruby: “A box? What am I supposed to do with that? I much prefer this paper bag!”ruby-0505

Could it be because I´m a girl that I´m into bags?

Lugosi doesn´t understand Ruby´s bag obsession…


Finally, he truth and nothing but the truth about marrying my cats….

The Huffington Post interviewed me the other day after seeing the article about having married my cats in the British press, and in that interview I got the chance in my own words to clear up all those half and un-truths that were published in the previous articles. Thanks also for mentioning my girl Ruby in this – she never “existed” in the other articles!

Click on the pic below to read the full article.